Our Services

ANIMAL KIGDOM IS A PET LOVERS Which is reputed Pet Shop in sultanate of Oman who offers high&prominent Class Pets Treatment at affordable prices and always focus for the right care of pets and provides good environment of professional pets for the promotion of 'ANIMALKINGDOM' and we provide best deal in high quality of pet products and accessories. So it is only the place where you get Different services in a single platform such as Pet Clinic. Pet Grooming Parlor. Pet Boarding. Pet Training. Pet Matrimony. Pets care and health management. Pet wintercare. Pet skincare. Pet pregnant care and all other pet related services in single platform with highly experienced Sstaff. If you’re looking for an all-in-one pet store Mawalah. Animal Kingdom Pet Shop is the place to visit. We offer all of the most popular pet services including grooming, training and boarding, as well as a full line of pet products and pet supplies for your animals

Pet Accessories

Animal Kingdom offers an exclusive collection of pets accessories. Dogs, cats and other pets would love to be showered with gifts or feel special with some of these awesome pet products. Whatever kind of animal you have, you’ll find a wide variety of pet products here.What we bring at your doorstep is only the very best in Pet's Daily Nutrition and Care, plus everything else that concerns your beloved furry pals. Simply, choose your pet's favorite brands, place an order and we will make them appear at your doorstep in no time; Almost Like Magic

Dogs And Cats

Here at Animal Kingdom we understand how important your pets are, so our aim is to provide you with an extensive collection of dog and cats. Dogs are members of the order Carnivora, but that doesn’t make them strict carnivores, like cats. Current research indicates that dogs can eat a wide variety of foods, both animal and vegetable, and still be healthy. But dogs still have a fairly high need for protein. 


We offer a wide range birds. Our extensive range of bird supplies includes a number of popular brands and well respected products to give your bird the best home possible. We also cater for all of your pet’s nutritional requirements with our array of specialist foods, which includes everything from wild bird seed for the garden to exotic fruit feeds. The chirping little birds can be a good option to keep as pets. The birds add joy to the environment with their musical sound and never let the person feel lonely. The beauty and melody of the birds render happiness to the place. Different types of birds can be purchased such as parrot, sparrows, cuckoo etc by people who would love to own a pet.

Spa & Pet Boarding

We offers pet boarding services for pets, where neat and clean environment fully air, and provides full accommodation for pets so, that pets feel like home. And also we provides best grooming parlor which consist of a hair cutting, Bathing, Dry grooming, Medicated bath, Normal bath, Cialized bath, etc

Ornamental Fishes

Fish remain one of the most enduringly popular choices of domestic pet. Not only very simple to keep and perfect for children, their tanks are a tranquil fixture in the home and their presence is often found to be therapeutic. Taking care of your fish is simple and stress-free with The Pet Express. In our extensive range of fish and aquatic supplies we have all of the essential products you need to take proper care of your fish and their home.


Our larger aquariums are ideal for those extra knowledgeable about keeping fish, with high specification equipment and the possibility for various upgrades.We also provide customized aquarium and its maintenance People invariably look for quiet and peaceful environment can choose fish as a pet. The fish kept in an aquarium provide a tranquil environment and its mesmerizing beauty is beyond comparison. If you are planning to keep fish as a pet have to provide it with proper environment; which needs regular cleaning of the aquarium and maintaining optimum temperature. In the absence of these conditions, it would be difficult for the fishes to survive.